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Upcoming Events​​

La Leche League Meeting
​   January 19 at 10 am.

​Savannah Slingers Meeting      February 2 at 10 am.

Tummy Time Foods
​   February 9 at 11 am.

ARC InstaTemp thermometers are here! This new medical device is engineered with the most advanced sensor technology in the world to quickly and accurately measure human body temperature without touching the body. Take the temperature of children or family members anywhere, any time, without having to wake or disturb them. Simply point and click for an instant, accurate reading.

​​​​We love Tater Bugs! They have such a great selection and are always open to requests. The products are all top quality and safe for the whole family.     -Shannon Lathrop

Tater Bugs is the greatest baby store in the world! I may be a bit partial to them (since they are the only baby boutique I shop at now) but when you find quality and customer service like they provide, you definitely stick with it. Before my last child was born, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers. I started doing research online and was so overwhelmed by all the choices that I quit looking. 5 months after he was born my sister in law (who is actually not from Georgia but from Florida) stumbled across a Facebook page for Tater Bugs and sent me a Facebook message to "Check it out!!!" I searched the web and could not find this mystical store! Come to find out, we were some of the first people to like Tater Bugs Facebook page, two months before they even opened!!! Once they were open, Leslie and her staff helped me find the perfect cloth diapers (I'm partial to the bestbottom diapers!), an awesome Tula baby carrier and and endless supply of every cloth diaper need I could possibly have. I have put in multiple special order that Leslie has always come through with getting me whatever I need!! Needless to say, Tater Bugs will always have my vote and will always be my favorite baby boutique in the area!!!     -Shannon Tappan


I absolutely LOVE Tater Bugs. This store has EVERYTHING I could possibly want for cloth diapering as well as all natural detergents, lotions, teething supplies, you name it. The staff has always been so quick and helpful in answering all of my questions and filling all of my needs. I highly recommend visiting Tater Bugs, whether you are a veteran at or even just considering a more natural approach to caring for your family...especially the little ones. My three year old loves the "diapa' store" too...lots of cute toys for the kiddos.​      -Amanda Almond